Huub de Leeuw

After studying piano at the Conservatory in Utrecht, Netherlands, Huub de Leeuw moved to Matsumoto Japan. There, he studied with Dr. Haruko Kataoka for three and a half years at the Talent Education Institute of Professor Shinichi Suzuki.

During and after his graduation in the early ‘80s, de Leeuw taught a piano class at the same Institute- an exceptional chance to obtain his first Suzuki Piano teaching experience.Since that time, he has returned to Matsumoto almost annually to continue studying the Suzuki approach.

Huub de Leeuw is now living in Utrecht, where he has a private Suzuki Piano studio. He was cofounder of the Dutch National Suzuki Association for the Netherlands. In addition to teaching pupils and teachers, he also regularly leads workshops in Europe and the United States. Like most piano teachers who graduated in Japan, de Leeuw tries to stay in touch with the Piano Basics Movement in order to continue developing Dr.Kataoka’s way of teaching the piano.