About Piano Day

The Suzuki Amsterdam Piano Day welcomes you to join our yearly event full of music, play and laughter!

Dear Readers,

With great regret we inform you that the Suzuki Amsterdam Piano Day 2020 is cancelled due to the uncertainties over the Covid-19 outbreak. Four of our teachers have to travel from England, France and Norway and without them we cannot have the same quality and excitement as in previous years. 

We want you to know that we co-organize every Piano Day event completely on a voluntary basis. We are very grateful to the students and their families, the teachers who come every year, all the parent volunteers on the piano day itself, and our sponsors for being there to support us. We really appreciate it!

Please watch our website for more information about future Suzuki Amsterdam Piano Day events. If you would like to stay up-to-date by email, you can send a blank email entitled Piano Day and we will be happy to add you to our mailing list.
We hope to see you on the next Piano Day!

With warm regards,

Jana and Janece co-organizers for the Suzuki Amsterdam Piano Day

For our next piano day ~

You can look forward to filling your morning with masterclasses, observation and snack time. Play or listen at the recitals throughout the day and enjoy the workshops in singing, percussion, choir, chamber music and of course, Piano Jeopardy! Get some nice dinner and have sweet piano dreams before we see you all again next time!

Want to learn more about our outstanding instructors? Head on over to our Home on our menu and find out more on the dropdown menu. See you soon!