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We couldn’t do it without you!

Lucas den Hartog Pianos & Vleugels ~ Amsterdam

FOR GRAND PIANO KEYBOARD! Many thanks to Lucas den Hartog for providing Sharon Lai (Oslo Suzuki Piano School) with the keyboard from one of his grand pianos, to use each year in her popular "Piano Jeopardy" workshop!

Grand & Piano Parts Ceintuurbaan 434 ~ Amsterdam

We are pleased to have Stoil and Marina Popova present their lovely webshop piano accessories. Piano books, metronomes, piano benches, piano lamps and even pedal footstools! Be sure to check them out!

Mrs. Sophia Sanders ~ Amsterdam

FOR FINANCIAL SPONSORSHIP! With many thanks and so much appreciation to Mrs. Sophie L. Sanders for always supporting piano events around Amsterdam and beyond.

Vankerkwijk Pianos ~ Amstelveen

FOR FINANCIAL SPONSORSHIP | VENUE SPONSORSHIP! A big thank you to Vankerkwijk PIanos for their continued support in hosting and sponsoring the Suzuki Amsterdam Piano Day on January 31, 2019 for both Piano Day and our first ever benefit concert!